Business Strategic Management, Level 7 Leading to MBA

An advanced MBA Entry Course that gives students the credits they need to complete the full MBA at a range of top UK universities.

Course Overview

The Level 7 'Business Strategic Management’ Postgraduate Diploma, is an MBA Advanced Entry Course. With a total of 30 modules and 8 written assignments, this online diploma provides students with 120 of the 180 credits needed to achieve a full MBA.

  • Qualification Title: Level 7 'Business Strategic Management’ Postgraduate Diploma
  • Duration: 1200 hours
  • Start Date: Flexible as per the students requirements.
  • Application Deadline: Flexible as per the students requirements.
  • Mode of Delivery: Online
  • Study Type: Full or Part-Time
  • Tuition Fees: £1,995
  • Finance Option: 12 Months Interest Free Financing


Awarding Body

 Awarding Body ATHE

Course Description

The Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management, is an advanced MBA Entry Course that gives students the credits they need to complete a full MBA at a range of top UK universities.

This carefully curated course develops the students critical thinking, evaluation, analysis, numeracy, and presentation skills - so that on completion of the course, they can think critically to advance their career. Upon successful completion of the diploma, and the final year of an accredited postgraduate degree programme, students will have all the necessary credits and skills they need to enter into a professional managerial role in marketing, accounting, business consultancy, and more.

Each of the 30 modules come with approximately 40 guided learning hours, which include personal tutor support, webinars, all required materials, and a social learning forum where learners can get support from their fellow students. All of these components assist in the completion of the written assignment that accompanies each module - and which are assessed by our expert lecturers who provide all students with personal feedback.

Course Requirements

To enrol on this programme:

  • • With an undergraduate degree:

    You must be at least 22 years old.

  • • Without an undergraduate degree:

    You must be at least 24 years old, with a minimum of 5 years of managerial experience.

Course Fees: How to Pay & What’s Included

  • Tuition Fee:


  • Payment Plan:

    This fee can be paid in one payment or interest-free monthly instalments.

  • Payment Methods:

    At TWC, we accept any of the following payment methods - Credit or debit card, Bank transfer, Paypal, or Western Union.

  • Included in the Fee:

    All course materials, personal tutor support, live online classes, assignment marking and feedback, exams, and upon completion of the course, career support - including CV workshops.

Level 7 Modules

Level 7 is made up of 30 core modules (as listed below)

  • Developing Interpersonal Skills:

    Improving communication in the commercial sector.

  • Motivating and Influencing People:

    Motivating teams to achieve business objectives.

  • Making decisions:

    Looking at the process of making a right decision.

  • Creativity and Problem Solving:

    Turning a problem into an advantage.

  • Studying and Using Management Theories:

    Understanding the operating environment external to the business.

  • Culture and Ethics:

    Understanding different cultures and ethics that influence business.

  • Governance and Directorships:

    Exploring how to structure and control a business.

  • Analysing the Competition:

    Reviewing and analysing the actions of competitors.

  • Marketing strategy:

    Creating successful and effective market presence.

  • High-Performance Sales:

    Grasping the critical elements of successful selling.

  • E-Marketing Communication:

    Using electronic communication within marketing.

  • Customers and Their Needs:

    Learning how to recognise and value your customers.

  • Strategic HR Management:

    Understanding people as a major asset to the company.

  • Recruiting and CPD:

    Recruiting, developing, and keeping the best employees.

  • Measuring and Rewarding Performance:

    Measuring and motivating employees work.

  • Interpreting Business Accounts:

    Understanding business health.

  • Tools of Financial Analysis:

    Analysing the best tools, resources, and techniques.

  • Managing Cash and Working Capital:

    Grasping the key concepts of capital control.

  • Impact of Technology on Business:

    Exploiting and analysing e-business.

  • Innovation and R&D:

    Using innovation and research to create a commercial advantage.

  • Implementing and Managing Quality Systems:

    Learning to enforce quality.

  • Strategic Planning Tools:

    Creating an effective business strategy with the right tools.

  • Strategic and Systems Management:

    Choosing the right options for your business.

Level 7 Assignments

For this level 7 diploma, there are 8 assignments (as outlined below) - each of which is between 5,000 - 8,000 words:

    1. Strategic Marketing

    2. Personal Development for Leadership and Strategic Management

    3. Organisational Behaviour

    4. Strategic Planning

    5. Research for Strategic Development

    6. Finance for Strategic Managers

    7. Strategic Human Resource Management

    8. Corporate Communication Strategies

Further Study Opportunities

On completion of this course, successful students will have the credits they need to apply for admission to a range of top UK universities, including:

  • University of Gloucestershire:

    Postgraduate Top up to MBA Business Administration.

  • University of Bolton:

    MBA (Top-up), Master of Business Administration (Top-up).

  • University of Sunderland:

    Postgraduate Top up to MBA.

  • Anglia Ruskin University:

    MBA (Top-Up).

  • Buckinghamshire New University:

    MBA (Top-up).

  • Northampton University:

    Top Up to MBA, MA in Human Resource Management (Top-up), MSc in Accounting and Finance (Top-up), Executive Master Business Administration (Top-Up).

  • University of Chichester:

    Master of Business Administration (MBA) (top-up)

  • University of Portsmouth:

    MA Business Management, MA Business and Computer Studies, MA Professional Studies, and MSc Professional Studies.

  • University of Derby:

    Top up to MBA – (partial exemption).

  • Southern Cross University:

    Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business in Convention and Event Management, Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management, and Bachelor of Business in Tourism & Hospitality Management

Both UK and EU students could be eligible for student loans for the top-up portion of their studies. For more information, please visit for more details. For more information about course details (i.e. online or on-campus), course fees, and European university options, please get in touch with a member of the team.

Career Opportunities

Completion of the ‘Business Strategic Management’ level 7 Diploma, will leave graduating students with news skills and qualifications that will advance their career - especially if they are looking to enter into the field of management. If students then choose to progress to University, completion of their MBA will give them all the credentials and confidence they need to pursue and succeed in a professional managerial role in marketing, accounting, business consultancy, and much more.

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